Be your best with science led solutions

Discover your path to better living with our comprehensive health analysis and let science led solutions help you thrive.

An in-depth assessment creates a 360-degree view of your current health

Purchase your initial assessment
After taking a short quiz, we’ll help you build your initial baseline assessment. You customize the cost and scope.
Submit your samples for testing
You will collect a salive and urine sample at home on your own. For your blood sample, you'll visit one of our 2,400 lab locations or opt for in-home service and we'll send a phlebotomist to you.
Wear a smart ring
We use a smart ring (Oura Ring) to collect detailed data about your sleep, activity, respiration, and heart function. If you don't have an Oura ring, our program includes complimentary use of a device for 30 days.
Tell us about yourself
You will complete a detailed health and lifestyle questionaire to help us better understand your health, family history and daily habits.

Coaches and technology provide insight, support, and accountability

Smart technology analyzes your data
We use proprietary technology to analyze the data collected during your health assessment. You can view your health data in our secure online dashboard.
Work with performance experts
Your initial virtual coaching session will be led by a coach with extensive experience in improving human performance. The session last between 1 and 2 hours. Your coach will help create your personalized action plan.

You’ll get an inclusive plan that’s easy to follow and unique to you

Get bio-specific nutrition and activity guides
You're unique, so your nutrition and exercise plan should be too. We use the data from your health assessment to create a custom plan to help you reach your goals.
Incorporate medical-grade supplements
Your health data is used to create a customized supplement protocol. You'll receive monthly shipments in our convenient multi-dose packaging. Your monthly Kenkora pack can be easily updated, paused, or cancelled in your online dashboard.

Track your progress and view important health trends over time

Check your progress
Your journey to optimal health never ends. Your coach will help you identify target markers so you can retest them every three to six months to measure your progress.
Update your plan
You and your coach can make updates to how you eat, move, and even change your supplement protocol as your heath and goals evolve. Gone are the days of guessing. With KENKORA, your actions are based on your health data.
Get ongoing support
You can purchase coaching services a la carte or subscribe to a subscription that provides unlimited messaging and video coaching sessions.

Guessing only leads to more questions.

Get the answers you need with a personalized action plan that’s based on your body and it’s needs.

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