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KENKORA is for adult men and women who view their health as their greatest asset and desire to live a longer, better life. Our clients seek a high-performance life and understand that their health is the foundation of their success.

Currently, we’re only accepting customers in the United States. Due to state regulations, we can’t accept customers in the state of Rhode Island.

No. In fact, our terms and conditions stipulate that you be under the care of a medical practitioner. Our goal is to help you optimize your health so that trips to the doctor for sick visits are far and few between. 

All of the physicians and nurse practitioners on the KENKORA platform are U.S. licensed healthcare professionals. Each practitioner undergoes an extensive background check and license verification process.


Initial prices start at $699, including an entry-level health assessment and a 2-hour initial coaching session. Our most comprehensive health assessment will cost $2,300. Once you click the "Build My Program" button, you will complete a brief questionnaire so that we can help you choose your initial health assessment and determine your program costs. After your assessment and coaching session, you will be able to purchase ongoing coaching plans and products like supplements to help you achieve your goals.

KENKORA offers a money-back guarantee for the first purchase of our services and products. We are a results-based company and strive to meet our customer's expectations. If you aren't satisfied, we'll make things right.

To prevent abuse, we have the following terms and exceptions.

Upon receiving notice of your lack of satisfaction, we reserve the right to take the necessary actions to remedy the situation before issuing any refund. If we can't remedy the situation, we will issue a full refund of the order to the same original payment method. Valid reasons for requesting are services/products not delivered, services/products were not as described on the KENKORA website, or services/products caused harm or discomfort.

Insurance companies consider many of the advanced diagnostic tests we use "exploratory and unnecessary" and typically deny coverage. They'll only pay for these types of tests once you're sick. Yes, insurance is about being reactive, not proactive. The out-of-pocket costs, if ordered by your doctor, can range from $2,500 to $5,000. While we don't accept insurance, some insurance policies will reimburse a percentage of our tests' costs and/or may apply this expense to your deductible. Upon request, we can provide you with a detailed receipt to submit to your insurance company.

Yes. Our test products are eligible on most FSA and HSA plans and you can use your HSA/FSA debit card at checkout. Please check your plan to confirm eligibility.

After your initial test, you’ll get a custom follow-up lab panel based on your suboptimal lab values, action plan, and overall objectives. Follow-up testing is significantly less expensive than our initial test packages. Follow up testing costs typically range from $100 and $300.

No. We believe in fair pricing 365 days a year and do not offer discounts.

Health Assessment

No. Our entire program is designed to provide personalized health advice based on your unique body. You can't manage what you don't measure. 

Your initial health assessment creates a baseline of your total health. This comprehensive analysis looks at all major body functions and identifies your weaknesses and strengths. We then use this information to create your personalized action plan.

The initial assessment requires the use of a wearable smart ring to track detailed sleep and activity metrics. If you don’t have an Oura ring, we’ll provide one at no cost to use during the assessment. You can use the device free of charge for 30 days to collect the data necessary for your assessment. After the 30-day period, you can either purchase the device for $299 or simply return it to us via pre-paid shipping. If you wish to return the device, it must be received within 45 days of you receiving it.

No. During a routine physical, doctors typically use four basic laboratory tests. We use over 50 advanced tests and over 300 markers to collect the data necessary to create your comprehensive action plan. These advanced tests are necessary to generate a comprehensive baseline assessment of your health.

Very accurate. Our laboratory partners are CLIA certified and are the same laboratories used by major hospitals and physician groups. Combined, our lab partners process over 275 million specimens each year. 

Yes. The use of a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is optional and can be used with one of our ongoing coaching subscriptions. This small device painlessly sits on top of the skin and records a glucose measurement from interstitial fluid every 5 minutes. A CGM is an incredibly helpful tool for determining how your diet and lifestyle choices are impacting your metabolism. 

We don't test for food sensitivities in our initial health assessment. When optimizing digestive health, we first assess the overall digestive function to determine if gut permeability exits. Gut permeability, also known as leaky gut, will create false positives food sensitivities. If symptoms still exist after improving gut permeability, we can test for food sensitivities.


We’ll collect between 12 and 25 vials of blood, depending on the package you choose. Don’t worry, while it sounds like a lot of blood; it isn’t. It’s less than half the amount you would give if donating blood. It takes about 5 minutes to collect the sample.


We require five saliva samples during a given day, with three of them being collected around the time you wake up. This allows us to measure cortisol (stress hormone) levels throughout the day.


We require four urine samples during the day. We use urine for hormone metabolite tests, organic acids, and cortisol metabolism. You will urinate on a small card at predetermined times during the day

Nitric Oxide Swabs

We require a simple, rapid saliva test that provides immediate Nitric Oxide results. You will place a small amount of saliva on a test strip at four predetermined times throughout the day and record your results in your KENKORA dashboard.


Our optional digestion test requires a stool sample. You are only required to submit a small portion of your stool.

Accuracy vs. Convenience

There is a trend among digital health companies to make diagnostic testing as convenient as possible. We disagree with prioritizing convenience over accuracy. Many of these tests being used by these companies have been proven to be inferior in scientific studies.

We believe that you need and deserve the most accurate and relevant diagnostic testing available. Unfortunately, access to this type of testing will require a blood draw.


Most genetic testing is completed by collecting a DNA sample from an oral swab. While collecting DNA by saliva is simple and accurate, your blood contains more DNA and allows for more precise testing. We analyze your DNA in a blood sample, which allows us to collect a higher percentage of the 675,000+ data points we analyze. We have also selected approximately 50 DNA markers that we deem to be most important to your health and lifestyle. These markers are isolated in a second test to assure the accuracy of these markers.


Many programs measure the cortisol hormone with blood tests. We've found that using blood produces irrelevant results. Cortisol levels in the blood are often elevated due to the simple stress response that having blood drawn can cause. Also, a single cortisol measurement tells nothing about how your body products cortisol from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. The daily cortisol production pattern is an extremely important factor in many health concerns. We measure cortisol levels by collecting a total of five saliva samples at various times throughout the day. While less convenient than one blood collection, the saliva test is highly accurate and allows us to determine your daily pattern of cortisol production.


Many companies offer at-home finger prick or urine tests to measure your nutrient levels and then provide nutrition or supplement recommendations based on these levels. Multiple scientific studies have proven that assessing certain nutrient levels in serum or urine does not provide an accurate indication of a person's nutritional status. Recent nutrient-rich meals often influence these results. There are specific nutrients that should be measured in red blood cells, which provides average nutrient levels over the last 90 days. Red blood cell tests require that blood be drawn and spun in a centrifuge so that red blood cells can be extracted and sent to the lab for testing.

Nutrients we asses:

Zinc, RBC
Copper, RBC
Magnesium, RBC
Folate, RBC
B12, Serum
Methylmalonic Acid (B12), Urine
CoQ10, Serum
Vitamin A (Retinol), Serum
Vitamin D, Serum
Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, Serum


Multiple companies offer at-home hormone tests that measure key hormones like testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA. While most of these are both accurate and relevant, they don't assess how these hormones are converted and metabolized in the body. These metabolism pathways can have a significant impact on your wellbeing. In addition to standard blood tests for hormones, KENKORA also assesses how those hormones are metabolized. For example, we measure the amount of testosterone converted into the powerful androgen DHT and the level of estrogen conversion to cancer, causing estrogen metabolite 4-OH-E1. We also use a specific ultra-sensitive estradiol test proven to be more accurate in measuring lower levels of estrogen.

Advanced Specialty Markers

Many of the markers we measure can not be analyzed using at-home collection methods like finger pricks and saliva.

KENKORA is not a lab, and to eliminate any conflicts of interest, we are not involved in the testing process. Instead, we utilize national laboratories to perform our testing. These are the same laboratories used by hospital systems and doctors' offices.

Once collected, your samples are sent to six specialty CLIA-certified laboratory locations across the United States. These laboratories analyze your samples and report your results to our secure technology platform.

We get it; we're all busy. Here are the steps we've taken to make the KENKORA program easy-to-implement for an on-the-go lifestyle.

No Doctor Office Visits

The entire KENKORA experience is virtual, meaning you will never have to visit a doctor's office. A licensed physician in your state will authorize your lab tests and review your results. We'll notify you by phone if you have any critical abnormal results that require immediate medical attention. Your initial and ongoing coaching sessions with your helath coach will be virtual video calls.

In-Home Service

While we have over 2,400 lab locations that can take your blood collection, many people prefer to use our in-home service. Instead of visiting a lab, we bring the lab to you. If selected, a licensed phlebotomist will visit your location of choice to perform the blood collection.

No Sleep Lab Visit

KENKORA collects detailed data about your sleep. Instead of sending you to a sleep lab, we utilize a wearable smart ring called the Oura Ring. This ring, worn 24/7, measures heart rate, activity, and detailed sleep data. The data is synced to your KENKORA account and is visible to your coach.

Supplement Packaging

For KENKORA customers choosing to implement a supplement regimen, we offer a personalized, curated supplement packaging service. Your coach can create a supplement protocol tailored specifically to your body's needs based on your health data. The products, supplement doses, and timing are customized, and every 30 days, you're sent a supply of individually packaged supplements. Your supplement protocol will likely include 5 packets for each day. Most customer's dose timing includes when you first wake up, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and before you go to bed.

Wearable Devices

The KENKORA platform connects with select health monitoring devices. These devices are chosen based on measured data points and scientific accuracy. Currently, we support connections with the following devices.

Oura Ring

Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitor


Withings Blood Pressure Monitors

Withings Smart Body Scales

Keto Mojo Ketone Monitor

The Oura ring is easy to use and is ideal for people who don't like to sleep with anything on their wrist. The Oura ring collects detailed information about your sleep, heart rate and activity. Additionally, the ring can be put in airplane mode eliminating EMF transmission. When in airplane mode, the data is collected and interpreted on the ring and synced to your phone when airplane mode is turned off.

No. At this time the Apple Watch doesn’t collect the detailed sleep data and heart rate variability data that we require. If Apple includes this data in future updates, we add them to our list of approved devices.


During your initial coaching session, your coach will review the results of your health assessment. This includes a detailed explanation of key lab results and biometrics. The more you understand what the markers mean, and how they impact your health, the better success you will have in our program. You'll identify potential health concerns and the lab markers and biometrics you want to improve during this portion of the session. This process will take approximately one hour. In the second half of the sessions your and your coach will customize your action plan, determine your supplement protocol, create goals, and schedule your next check-in session.

KENKORA Coaches have a minimum of 8 years of experience. They are chosen based on their education, coaching skills, commitment to functional medicine, and professional reputation. Following our belief in the "food as medicine" concept, our coaches have a minimum of 2 years of formal nutrition education.

No. A patient-doctor relationship is NEVER created with your performance coach. In their capacity as a health coach, they can't prescribe medication or make any medical diagnosis. 

Your coach will discuss subscription options for ongoing coaching support to help you reach your goals during your initial coaching session. There are three ways to engage.

As Needed

You can easily purchase and schedule additional coaching sessions through your KENKORA dashboard.

Performance Plan

Our most popular coaching plan includes four 60-minute virtual coaching sessions and unlimited messaging with your health coach. You can cancel at anytime.

Unlimited Plan

This plan includes unlimited virtual coaching sessions and unlimited messaging with your health coach. It is designed for those who needs extra support to implement significant lifestyle and nutritional changes. You can cancel anytime after four months of coaching.

Yes. Email our support team at help@kenkora.com and request that your health coach be changed. One of our team members will reach out and help you choose your next coach.

To avoid conflicts of interest, your health coach is only compensated for the time they spend with you and your success in meeting your goals. Their compensation is not based on any products or services your purchase through the KENKORA platform. Their compensation is never based on KENKORA supplements you purchase. At times, they may receive a bonus payment for referring new clients or medical practitioners to KENKORA.


No. Supplements are an optional part of our program; however, the majority of KENKORA clients use supplements as part of their program.

For KENKORA customers choosing to implement a supplement regimen, we offer a personalized, curated supplement packaging service. Your coach will create a supplement protocol tailored specifically to your body and its needs. The products, supplement doses, and timing are customized, and every 30 days, you're sent a supply of individually packaged supplements. Your supplement protocol will likely include 5 packets for each day. Most customer's dose timing includes when you first wake up, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and before you go to bed.

While we formulate and manufacture several key products, the majority of our products are manufactured by leading nutraceutical companies. Some of our manufacturing partners include:

Prescription Treatments

KENKORA customers have access to various anti-aging medications though our telehelath partner AgelessRx. 



Men's Sexual Health


Oxytocin Nasal Spray


Women's Sexual Health

Arousal Cream

Oxytocin Nasal Spray




Low Dose Naltrexone

NAD+ Patches

NAD+ SubQ Injections


Topical Finasteride Hair Loss Serum


Anti-Aging Face Gel

Scientific Guidelines

Yes. Recommendations are only included if they are supported by scientific research and approved by our scientific advisory board.

When possible, we provide both a citation and link to the related scientific article(s) that are related to each recommendation.

Yes. We have team members dedicated to researching both existing and emerging scientific trends relating to health and wellbeing. The KENKORA platform is built on both cutting-edge protocols and ancestral wisdom that are backed by modern science. To date, we've leveraged over 2,500 peer-reviewed studies, and that number continues to grow.

Men's Health

Yes. Erectile dysfunction can indicate serious health concerns like heart disease, diabetes, and an overstressed nervous system. We don't just treat the symptom with medications like Cialis and Viagra but instead help you identify and fix the issue's root cause. Failure to address the route cause of ED could leave you vulnerable to serious and deadly health concerns. A short-term plan may include erectile dysfunction medications while we work on optimizing your sexual function.

In short, yes, we can help you with ED. You'll have access to ED medications like tadalafil, but the medications are meant to be a temporary fix while helping you identify and fix the root cause.

Low testosterone levels contribute to serious health concerns like diabetes and heart disease, and low vitality. If you suffer from low testosterone, you likely feel like crap, and your health could be at risk. Optimizing your hormone levels should be a priority.

The easier way to improve your levels is to use hormone replacement therapy but for most people raising your levels naturally is a safer and more effective approach.

Yes. Programs for male customers include monitoring prostate-specific antigen, estrogen, and DHT markers. Abnormalities in these markers can serve as risk factors for prostate health concerns. 

Yes. Decreased sexual desire oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Restoring your hormones and metabolic function to proper balance can increase your libido.

Women's Health

Yes. The Ultimate package or the Advanced Hormone add-on include a comprehensive analysis of estrogens and their metabolites. This analysis includes 4-0H-E1, the estrogen metabolite associated with cancer development and DNA damage.

Yes. Decreased sexual desire oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with hormone imbalances caused by stress, poor nutrition, birth control and menopause. Restoring your hormones and metabolic function to proper balance may support a stronger libido.

The natural decrease in hormone production as women age can be problematic for many women. During perimenopause and menopause, women often suffer from fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, and mood swings. Their risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease increases as well. KENKORA coaches have deep experience in helping women through this transitional time. KENKORA offers recommendations to help women naturally achieve hormone balance.

Yes. KENKORA coaches have deep experience in helping couples increase fertility and helping soon-to-be mothers achieve optimal nutrient levels to ensure healthy baby development.

Yes. Fatigue can be caused by multiple lifestyle factors, nutritional deficiencies, and health concerns. Our platform explores all three areas and offers science-backed strategies to improve energy levels. In a 2019 user review, 90% of users reported increased energy levels within 30 days of implementing their action plan.

Yes. The KENKORA platform, however, is not a magic pill or fad diet program. If you're looking for the latest gimmick to lose weight, we're not for you. We believe that sustainable weight management can be achieved when you subscribe to a nutrition pattern unique to your body's genetic potential and current needs. We don't push overly restrictive eating patterns but instead work with you to optimize metabolic efficiency so that your body can equally and efficiently burn fat, carbs, and protein for fuel. Hormone imbalances and other health concerns addressed in our program can also significantly impact weight management. Correcting these issues have proven to help you achieve an ideal body composition.