Is This For Me

You deserve to live your best life

Feeling bad shouldn't be our baseline, but it's the new normal for so many of us. Take control of your health for a more fulfilling and productive life.

You want more from life.

You know you can perform better, think sharper, and draw from a well of limitless energy to experience your true potential. When you're in good health and are happy with the way you look and feel your self-confidence increases. This translates to healthier relationships, better performance at work, the gym and at home, and even increased longevity.

You’ve tried everything to reach your peak.

You wear the trackable devices, try to eat better, train harder, take supplements, but nothing seems to change. Getting healthy and fit is a daily struggle. Maintaining this presents another challenge, and as you get older, it gets even harder. You implement the advice you get from family, friends, and social media to find what worked for them doesn't work for you. You may have even turned to your doctor for answers, only to be given impersonal advice and a handful of prescriptions in a rushed 10-minute appointment. Your issues remain unsolved.

Your problem?

You're guessing instead of making decisions based on your unique physiology. To experience the limitless possibility, your body is capable of; you need a full-spectrum approach to health that's unique to you. One that identifies and addresses the root causes of your issues.

Transform your potential with a proven process

Achieving total body wellness won't come from the reactive, piece-milled approach you've used in the past. Reaching your peak potential means using scientifically driven solutions specific to your needs. That's where we come in. Obtain your desired results sooner with a bio-specific plan designed by our team of expert coaches. Our ability to educate and empower you with personalized and results-focused insight is what sets us apart.
What doesn’t work
  • Treat symptoms while ignoring the causes
  • React to health issues only after they occur
  • Pop-science solutions that don't actually work
  • Dangerous and unreliable get fit quick claims
  • Overly restrictive fad diets that aren't sustainable
  • Poorly produced, underdosed supplements
What our science led solutions provide
  • Identify and correct the root cause of your issues
  • Prevent health concerns from ever happening
  • Detailed, bio-led feedback based on your health data
  • Short, medium, and long term solutions for lasting peak wellness
  • Sustainable bio-specific nutrition suggestions
  • Supplements specifically chose and dosed for your body

What you can expect

Custom plan of action
The first part of our process provides solutions you can use to improve your day-to-day health immediately. To help you start feeling better, our health experts review your bloodwork and other health data to provide you with tailored suggestions for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments. These updates will unblock the wellness bottlenecks keeping you from feeling mentally sharper, losing weight, sleeping better, improving vitality, and more.
Dial in the details
In this phase, you transition to the long term adjustments that make your best better. Using your bio-specific health plan, your body not only adjusts its course to avoid coming chronic diseases, but it also helps reverse age's impact on your body. This means you replace the effects of stress, depression, age, and disease with proactive, preventive practices backed by full-spectrum, science-led health solutions.
Track your progress and make updates
Your health journey never ends; neither does our support. As you follow your path, we update your blood work, health data, and lifestyle changes to track your improvement. We work with you to proactively update your plan, ensuring your best keeps getting better.

So, is KENKORA for you?

At this point, you probably understand that traditional health care is about reacting to health issues and not preventing them. You've probably experienced first-hand the noise put out by the natural health industry with models selling generic workouts, influencers promoting overhyped supplements, and so-called 'health guru's' pushing longevity products while drinking a kale smoothie.

You've found this noise makes it hard to pinpoint the right solution for your needs.

If you are looking for a fad diet to shake those last stubborn fifteen pounds, the ultimate life hack that turns back time, a set of high-intensity workouts that promises a week's worth of results in just 10 minutes, or a 'magic pill' supplement - we're not for you.

With that said, if you want to build a sustainable foundation to feel, look, and perform your best - we're for you.

If you understand the impact that playing the long game the right way can have - we're for you.

Life is a gift, and we're given one body to take us on our journey. How you treat your body and how well you live your life is entirely up to you. The decision is yours.

One life, one body. Make it count!

Build My Program


Good question! To us, full spectrum wellness is a complete approach to health. Traditional treatments for health are reactive. You have a problem, we fix it. With full spectrum wellness we develop a plan to increase your wellness as a whole. That means you have more energy, feel better, lose unneeded weight, have increased potential, sharpen your mental clarity-and that’s just a few benefits!

More specifically, ‘full spectrum’ refers to the fact that we use a wide body of data we get from the tests you’ll go through to provide detailed feedback on how to shore up existing problems, resolve issues coming down the line, and build a foundation of wellness you can thrive on for the rest of your life.

If we could halt the aging process, we would. Our process doesn’t do that. What it does do is naturally increase your body to experience its fullest wealth of potential. While this level is different for every person, the end result is the same. More potential means better living. So you may not get younger, but you’ll feel as if you are younger.

You’ll start feeling better within days. The reason why is our system pinpoints the nutrients your body isn’t getting and gets you on a plan to immediately supplement them. This has a waterfall effect. You start sleeping better, which means you feel sharper. You want to build on this so you eat better using our guidelines. Within weeks you feel truly different, in months you’ll look it, and in a year you’ll be it.

This approach works for everybody. It’s science backed and expert driven. This isn’t a workout course or crash diet. This is a lifestyle update. If you are looking to get six pack abs in two weeks-this won’t work. If you want to feel, act, and live a life full of potential-this will work.